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Post by lolDragon on Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:36 am

Ok so this game is a "Hard Mode" type game. I'll be introducing a new mechanic that has been avoided and really been looked down upon snug games: Permadeath. Now I think i have a way so that players can play this game without waiting gratuitous amounts of time between games. This game is a day game. Since this game has a smaller map, another game would be going on simultaneously. So while Bounty Hunter is going on so would a game of ZDM. So when players get out, they can choose to wait for a couple min or they can go and jump into ZDM between rounds. Also I'm going to keep the game rounds relativity short so they go by quick. I also wanna state that Permadeath games can be an important training exercise for HvZ. Because in Hvz you only get one life. With this I am hoping to issue a series of "Hard mode" type games. To teach players what to do in stick situations. For example we might have a game to where you can only use socks. Because you will come across situations in HvZ where that's all you have

Map: Dyson and Weston courtyard. First and second floors
Players: Ideally we'd have 2 small groups. The fugitives outweighing the bounty hunters

Objective: The bounty hunters must capture the fugitive within a certain time limit (10-20 min). The fugitive wins by eliminating all the bounty hunters or surviving to the end of the time limit.

The fugitives must hide using the clock to their advantage. By forcing the bounty hunters to separate amongst field, the fugitive has a better chance at picking off the bounty hunters one by one and at the same time use up the clock.

The bounty hunters must focus on surrounding the fugitive and slowly advancing in on him. Since this can take a lot of time, find the fugitive as quickly as possible and then plan your assault.

Another mechanic I wanted to introduce was a disadvantage for each team.
Bounty Hunters: Would only get one shot guns and limited ammo. Once a fugitive was captured, a referee would award them with more ammo. (deciding whether or not to limit the use of modded guns. Maybe one modded gun per team?) Also Bounty Hunters can not die. They can only be stunned. When they are stunned they cannot move from that spot for 30-60 seconds (haven't decided yet)

Fugitives: The Fugitives would only get one rapid fire blaster, or two depending on the number of fugitives. All other fugitives would use socks. The gun could be handed off if player dies or if simply does not want to use gun anymore.

Also something I was thinking of was that in order to get the point and the darts the Bounty Hunter must capture the fugitive and take him back to jail. This might force some fugitives out of hiding so they could rescue the captured fugitive.

Problems I am foreseeing:
Right now the fugitives have the upper hand. So maybe limiting the guns for the bounty hunters isn't such a good idea I'm not sure on this one. This game needs to be tested with different variations to see what works. If anyone has any ideas let me know.


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