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Post by JamaicaMon on Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:47 pm

Think Battlefield, Rush mode.

To Assault the Defending team's Bases.

The assaulting team must capture points A and B of two consecutive areas. Upon capturing point A and B, they push the defending team's respawn point back, while taking the defending teams' initial respawn point for themselves. Upon capturing the final Two points, the duration of the game is recorded, and teams switch sides. If 15 minutes pass before the initial points are taken, or 25 minutes pass before the final points are taken, the round is over. Team with the fastest/higher progression wins!


- Players are split into 2 Teams, Arms and Necks, and Spawn on their initial respawn locations.
- Assaulting Players must, at least, one hand tag the capture point for 30 consecutive seconds.
- Players currently touching a point may not shoot.
- If the player holding the point is tagged, or removes their hands from the capture point, even for a split second, the timer is reset. However, If more than one persons are touching the point and one of them is tagged, the timer keeps going.
- Spawn camping is strictly prohibited. You may not venture behind the enemy's spawn point.

Important!: Once both capture points have been taken, the defending team has 1 minute to prepare for the oncoming attack, taking defensive positions around the capture points, while only the Assaulting team respawns.

Win Condition:

- The team with the furthest progression, or the fastest completion time, wins the game.

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